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Meditrans helps foreign patients identify the cause of Symptoms, provides a clinical pathway in their language, and access to local medical resources.

Project Overview

Project type: Self-directed Project
Discipline: Service Design, UX/UI design, Graphic Design
Date: 8 months, part-time, August 2018 – Ongoing project
Role: Service Designer
Team: Juan Kang(Developer), Thu Ngo(Pharmacist), Jisoo Kim(Pharmacist)


Although traveling abroad can be costly, numerous people travel abroad for leisure and business. However, international travelers often get sick on their trip. It is challenging for foreign patients to access medical service due to the language barrier and lack of local medical knowledge. Our mission is to help international patients obtain quick relief with ease and enjoy their continuous vacation.


Numerous people travel abroad.
It is estimated that the amount of international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) worldwide has increased by 7% in 2017 to reach a total of 1,322 million arrivals. It is expected that this momentum will continue in 2018. - UNTWO World Tourism Organization

Traveling abroad is expensive.
People spend large amounts of money on their vacation. On average, Americans spend 10% of their annual income on vacations. A quarter of respondents even said they spend 15% or more.

Business travelers account for 12% of passengers and leisure travelers account for 78%. With the population consisting of 1006 subject, 81% of respondents travel abroad to visit a new place, 63% respondents of travel to experience a new culture, and 38% travel to escape daily routine.

Minor illness
A study from the University of Helsinki suggested that with the population consisting of 460 subjects, 79 % of whom reported illness during travel or on arrival: 69 % had travelers’ diarrhea (TD), 17 % skin problems, 17 % fever, 12 % vomiting, 8 % respiratory tract infection, 4 % urinary tract infection, 2 % ear infection, 4 % gastrointestinal complaints other than TD or vomiting, and 4 % other symptoms. Of all subjects, 10 % consulted a doctor and 0.7 % were hospitalized; 18 % took antimicrobials, with TD as the most common indication(64 %). Ongoing symptoms were reported by 25 % of all travelers upon return home.

Meditrans_04 Meditrans_04

Customer segmentation

In order to provide service cater to different types of customers in a way they wanted, on the right time, through right channel, I segmented our customers based on their goals, behaviours, and attitudes. Each foreign patients had different expectations and preferences when it comes to medical service providers. For example, for 'Obligation Meeter', it was important to stay in a perfect condition for the upcoming business meeting. On the other hand, 'Helpless Foreigner' was more worried about wasted time and money because they worked hard to afford the vacation. Consequently, some of 'Helpless Foreigner' just wanted to numb the pain with medicine and continue with their initial travel plan.

Industry research

One of the potential hurdles of the service is presumably discoverability. In order to maximize awareness of our service, Meditrans should have effective distribution, sales and marketing channels. Therefore, I mapped out current touch points throughout the entire value chain to see different players that we could potentially partner with. In addition, I also looked at direct and indirect competitors out there.


Key features

I came up with set of features utilising various idea generation tools and validate them based on usability, feasibility, and profitability. Meditrans is a medical assistant service with 3 key features which help foreign patients with:

Symptom assessment + actionable recommendation
Pharmacists and doctors are trained to ask certain types of questions to diagnose the cause of the symptoms. I worked with pharmacists and doctors to map out the quetionaires, not only to help foreign patients learn about possible causes of symptoms, but also to provide actionable suggestions for each type of illness.

OTC Medicine
It is challenging to deal with a minor illness in foreign land. We help foreign patients not only find and purchase local over-the-counter medicine, but also follow instructions in their language.

English-speaking doctors
Meditrans helps foreign patients find and communicate with English-speaking doctors and assist with booking appointments.

Meditrans_04 Meditrans_04

Value Proposition Testing

After define key features of the service, I built rapid prototype for fake pre-launch website to validate the value proposition before I further investigate resources. I sent out the link of the website to 30 people who got minor sickness in foreign countries to see if they would download the service for their next trip. 20 people responded, 8 promoters, 6 passive and 4 detractors. Consequently, our NPS score was 10 with 25% margin of errors and I felt that the project was valuable enough to invest more time on.

Prototype & User testing

I built a rapid prototype and tested the interface utilizing various testing tools to see if Meditrans works as it is intended. I made a list of tasks for the users and asked them to think out loud and tell me what they are looking at, what they are trying to do, and what they are thinking.
Meditrans_04 Meditrans_04 Example Photo 5

Onboarding experience

Doctors and pharmacists are trained to ask certain questions before diagnose their patients such as medical histories and allergies. Meditrans will collect patient data, such as history of chronic disease, emergency contact, and basic demographic information during onboarding phase to efficiently help the foreign patients and accelerate speed of the diagnose process when they get sick.
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Home page

The home page curate a set of entry points to the key features. I structured the landing page in a way that it is easy to add new features and components.


Symptom assessment

Doctors and pharmacists are trained to ask certain questions to identify the cause of the symptoms. Automating those questions with artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable customers to identify their disease without physically going to hospitals and talking to local doctors/pharmacists. In addition, it provides actional suggestions such as provision of nearest pharmacy, OTC medicines, English speaking doctors depends of condition of the patients.

Over the counter medicine

This feature helps foreign patients find, purchase local over-the-counter medicine and follow instructions in their language. Meditrans provides a set of useful phrases and sentences that assist communication with local pharmacists as well as top recommended products for each medicine category and helps customers follow instructions.
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After defining the key features, I investigated how the service would generate and capture the revenue. Meditrans not only provides flexible accounts and pricing models to fit different customers and corporations needs. Users can user our service for free but the feature will be limited and they will be only available in English speaking countries. In addition, freemium users will get the mobile ads before access desired information.
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Pay for one day

After registration, Meditrans detects location of the user and utilise different revenue model depends on user's geo-location. Pay for one day model targets international patients who are already ill oversea and desperately in need of a medical assistant. As name of the payment model suggest, customers can access premium medical assistant features for 24 hours.
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Pay per trip

One the other hand, pay per trip model targets international travelers who are still prior to their trip and looking for preventetive medical services. Meditrans provide value-added service by bundling our features with outsourced oversea medical insurance products.
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Sales channel:B2B

Global corporations such as Samsung and Tata are massive and their employee often goes to business trip. Based on substantial number of interviews with their employees, I learned that they often get sick during their business trip or on arrival. Meditrans can partner with global corporations and provide access to premium features to their employees by promo-code.
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Marketing platform for pharmaceutical companies

Once we obtain enough user base, Meditrans could work as a advertising platform for pharmaceutical companies, utilising combination of auction and top recommended product for over-the-counter brand medication. We can track and monitor number of impression generated and conversion rate by user's behaviours on the platform.

Distribution channel: API plug in

Meditrans could partner with online travel agencies and travel fare aggregator websites such as Trip Advisor and Sky Scanner where people explore to plan their trips.

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