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100 Percent
Graj and Gustavsen


Engaged by 100 Percent to create a new healthy grocery store brand from scratch, positioned for a well-being customer.

Project Overview

Project type: Freelance Project
Discipline: Graphic Design
Date: 2 month, April 2012 - June 2012
Role: Design directing, Ceoncept development
Team: Donald Swain
I developed a concept and translated a client's rough idea into features, functions, brand mission, vision, culture, applications, and logo.
Work Cover Sinclair Old Style

100 Percent

100 Percent is an identity for a product line which supplies plant-based food and other products and services that physicians may prescribe as treatments for chronic diseases. This sustainable company and idea forward has the ability to keep running indefinitely without depleting resources, while maintaining economic viability, and also nourishing the needs of the present and future generations — helping people to make good decisions and improve their lives. The premise of 100 Percent is curing diseases by changing the foods people eat, while sustaining the idea of a “going green” environment, reducing our consumption and waste.
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The premise of 100 Percent is to uphold the idea of a “green environment,” by reducing our consumption and waste. 100 Percent offers scoop-to-go functions, whereby consumers are provided containers specifically designed for the purpose of recycling, which allow select personal portions. The packaging was chosen because of its unique look and high sustainability, along with its compatibility with the “going green” clause.


This project challenges the decisions made by individuals, specifically their eating habits, while simultaneously introducing the concept of “green-living”. Additionally, this project illustrates what individuals can do to make a change, by not only changing their lives, but the lives of others, and how the actions exemplified by one individual, can help evoke the actions of millions of people.


100 Percent helps to improve individual eating habits, by improving access to healthier foods and eliminating wasted resources. Specifically, the mobile application documents the number of times the individual uses the scoop-to-go function, documenting the types of foods ingested and calorie and sodium intake, while also calculating the percentage of pollution the individual has helped decrease by utilizing the scoop-to-go function. This function will help to improve people’s lives in multiple fashions.

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